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Sinaha platform sets up company for next-gen robotics, drones

Post by Sinaha Blog

UAE – MubasherSinaha Platform has launched Sinaha Technology as the first company of its kind in Abu Dhabi to be fully dedicated for optimising AI to establish advanced technology (AT) projects, according to a press release.Launches in Abu Dhabi to Drive Industrial Sector with Next-Gen Robotics and ...

10k emirati products at baghdad international exhibition

Post by Sinaha Blog

“Sinaha Platform”, the Emirati platform that supports national industries and products in the country and based in Abu Dhabi, concluded its participation in the 47th session of the Baghdad International exhibition, under the patronage of Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, in the period fr...

The economy is the measure of people's well-being

Post by Sinaha Blog

Definition of the economy: It is human activity that includes the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. The strength of the economy is considered the first measure of the well-being of peoples and nations.  Linguistically, the term economy means mediating spe...

A glimpse into the fourth industrial revolution in the uae

Post by Sinaha Blog

The aim of the Fourth Industrial Revolution project on a global scale in general is to enable flexible transformation in the development of industry in its various sectorsUsing advanced technology in accordance with the concepts of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionThe project is being implemented by ...

Importing from the uae

Post by Sinaha Blog

Importing from the United Arab Emirates to Egypt is the best option in 2021, after the disruption of international trade due to the spread of the epidemic, and after the economic war between the two poles of the global economy, America and China, resorting to the Arab option has become the safe solu...

The industrial strength of the emirates

Post by Sinaha Blog

The industrial strength of the Emirates The industrial sector constitutes one of the most important components of the economy in the Emirates, and this sector maintains a high pace of growth that is steadily strengthening as the country moves towards establishing specialized industrial zone...

Supporting local emirati products

Post by Sinaha Blog

Supporting local Emirati products towards a sustainable economy and national prosperitySupporting local Emirati products is a vital step towards achieving economic sustainability and enhancing prosperity in the UAE. Supporting national projects and industries contributes to building a strong and div...

Local products are the pillar of the economy and a symbol of excellence

Post by Sinaha Blog

Local products are the pillar of the economy and a symbol of excellenceLocal products form the backbone of the economy and represent a fundamental driver of sustainable development and the strengthening of national identity. Supporting these products is a crucial step towards building an economy bas...

Sinaha platform supports 20 local factories with free spaces at adife

Post by Sinaha Blog

Sinaha platform, the Emirati platform that supports national industries and products in the country and based in Abu Dhabi, announced the allocation of free spaces for 20 national factories working in the field of food industries, on its platform at the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition, in or...

Visit of important figures to the sinaha platform at adife

Post by Sinaha Blog

Sinaha platform received important figures at ADIFE 2023There was a discussion about developing local UAE national products and supporting all factories within the countryWhile always encouraging the development of the Emirati product__________________________________________________________________...