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Why sell with  Sinaha?

Because of the unified platform Sinaha for all national products and industries.

All factories and laboratories are grouped together in one place to facilitate access to them by customers (buyers), which increases the sales rate for all factories and laboratories at a high rate and complements each other.

If you are a factory owner 

And think about increasing your sales and profits and reducing your expense

With a rapid spread locally and globally for your products

Just simple steps

  (Register now) in the industry platform

And own your online gallery with international specifications customized to suit your products

Pay attention to production

And leave the marketing and delivery to us

We will deliver your products to all the Emirates and to the world

We are your partner for success

Do not miss the opportunity

Sinaha is committed to supporting national industries

You are in the right place


Remember how to sell on its industry platform


1- Create a factory account (seller)

2- Add your products easily

3- In minutes, the site management sends you to approve your request after the review

4- Contact the support team for a great selling experience 

5- Start selling now from here,Click Here