Terms and Conditions ( The Factory ) The Seller

Sinaha Platform is an electronic market on the web Sinaha.ae and applications for the user and the Factory ( The Seller )

Welcome to Sinaha.ae platform : and terms and conditions of the agreement in which your approval is applicable on it as soon as an account of the factory is established for Sinaha platform. These terms and conditions are applicable on different sections of the platform and on all the agencies affiliated by us.

Sinaha.ae platform has the right to change the policies and conditions of use at any time to be compatible with their applications as soon as these applications are published on the web directly , terms and conditions comprise the approval to change the terms and policies by Sinaha platform at any time in conformity with policies and practices.

You have to be keen to examine the privacy policy and the terms from time to time to review any new updating made by Sinaha platform , because to continue in using your account after amending any policy is considered the approval of the new policies and terms , in case you disagree with the terms and conditions issued recently by Sinaha platform or any new policies you have the right to cancel your account.

We would like to inform you that it is not allowed to use Sinaha platform without approving the terms and conditions :

If you are willing to make an account it is impossible to form an account without approving the terms and conditions of Sale and using different provisions in the web site.

As Soon as we make our account on our web site the agreement will be binding on both parties the first being Sinaha platform and the second party being the Factory according to the rights and obligations binding both parties.

Terms you should know in order to comprehend and understand this agreement.

1-    Parties of the agreement : is meant here the First party being Sinaha.ae and the Second party being the Factory.

2-    The Client ( The Customer ) – The Buyer :

He who is willing to buy commodities and products and he is supposed to submit a purchase order to the Seller.

3-    The agreement : These terms and conditions are called the agreement in which both sides are complying with and the same is applicable on the Seller ( the Factory ) as soon as an account is formed on the web site in case of none acceptance of the terms and conditions the seller ( The Factory ) has no right to make use of the platform services.

4-    Black Points : Is a system made by the Sinaha platform to ensure its credibility with their customers so as to calculate black points in case of complaints or returned commodities or in case of offering unavailable products when an order is made and other points which are mentioned in the conditions of sales pertaining to Sinaha.ae (The Buyer will be banned if he reaches three black points ) and to avoid this the terms and conditions of the site should be complied with.

Sinaha platform obligations ( site and applications )

1-    We are committed to abide by the offer of the platform on the system which is connected to the internet to enable the Sellers ( the Factories ) and the Buyers to use the site easily through the web and to provide applications for mobile telephones in order the buyers can order at any time.

2-    To provide customer service facility to deal with sellers ( the Factories ) and answer their queries in relation to the way the platform is used and the sale and its out comes in addition to providing a mechanism which is easily used by the Sellers ( Factories ) and the buyers.

3-    To abide by shipping times to the customers and ensure providing the best service to the buyers weather by shipping service and to deliver the goods and to deal with the problems and queries of the customers.

Commitments and undertakings ( The Factory ) the Seller.

1-    The (Factory ) the Seller will comply with all the required details while displaying the commodities and products concerning him and he will make use of the assistance of with the customer service content to help him in putting the details with clarity and accuracy.

2-    The (Factory) the Seller should confirm the purchase order when the product is available with him and the Seller is able to ship the goods and to submit shipping invoice to the site abiding by the shipping time during a period not more than three days from the date of the purchase order or the Seller may specify the shipping time on the page pertaining to the product as the actual possible time and should be clear to buyer ( the Customer ).

3-    The Seller ( The Factory ) is committed to inform the site the place of shipping the goods to and from the buyer

4-    The Seller ( The Factory ) should make the wrapping of commodities and products before shipping to the customer in a way that ensures the safety of the product and to make sticker on the products if the products are provided by the platform.

5-    The Seller ( the Factory ) is responsible of after sales services arising from the possibility of returning the product or substituting it according to after sales conditions and guarantees.

6-    To submit all necessary documents and papers from the factory or any other paper needed at any time in order to carryout the activities.

7-    To abide by the safety of the product including the consideration validity and invalidity date and also abide by not to disclose any information about the product before the specified time by the factory according to the license of practice In respect to the products which are supposed to bear validity date the same should be written on the products page.‎‎

8-    The Seller is committed to review the page of the products and follow up the stock of products .

Acknowledgment of the ( Factory ) Seller

In addition to the undertaking of the ( Factory ) the Seller mentioned above the Seller should abide by :

1-    The offered guarantee and the services and the maintenance of the commodities after selling the products bought during different periods according to the law.

2-    To continue in bearing the responsibility of after sales services as well as the guarantees and the maintenance of any defect which might occur or regarding the products of the factory according to the law.

3-    The Laws of Sinaha platform are the applicable laws in the state pertaining to selling in relation to any products ordered through the platform.

4-    The implementing of orders through one of the authorized and accredited shipping company in the region

5-    Be subject to the policy of returning the products within three days of handing over of the product.

6-    The ( Factory ) the seller should bear the legal responsibility of the products and to exempt the Sinaha platform of any responsibility.

7-    The ( Factory) the Seller should sell the original products produced by his factory only and bears responsibility of all the outcomes of Selling imitated products like recalling the product and stopping receiving amounts and bearing the responsibility of the penalty clause.

8-    The ( Factory ) seller will specify the local market and the countries that such products are to exported to.

9-    The ( Factory )Seller will bear the fees of specific selling.

10-                       The ( Factory ) Seller acknowledges and guarantees together with his financial establishment ( establishments ) that he is not subject to penalties or otherwise classified within any banned list or banned parties or party owned or managed by a banned party including but not limited to the approved lists by the international security council and the American Government ( like , the list issued by the treasury secretary of USA having a special classification and the list of foreigners escaping penalties and the list issued by American Commerce Ministry ) or the European Union or its member countries or otherwise by concerned government authorities.

11-                       Regardless to anything contradicting with what is stipulated here , it is none existent in the terms of Sinaha platform what can be interpreted as it is inciting or requiring from any of the parties what so ever ( including the failure to take actions in relation to any transaction) which is not conforming with or becoming punishable according to any laws or regulations or needs binding any party of this agreement.

Stages of Selling Process :

1-    The ( Factory ) Seller should fill up the required information in order to display goods on the platform.

2-    The Buyers will submit their purchase orders to the ( Factory ) Seller through Sinaha platform.

3-    The Factory – Seller will follow up the purchase orders right from the beginning.

4-    The ( Factory ) Seller will confirm the purchase order and prepare the goods.

5-    The ( Factory ) Seller will send the commodities and products to a shipping company at the right time.

6-    The Buyer will receive the product.

7-    The confirmation of the balance in the account of the Seller after deducting the commission of the platform from the amount received from the customer according to the membership package.

The guarantees presented by the ( factory ) the Seller to Sinaha platform :

1-    The (Factory ) Seller undertakes to use the platform in a way that is not contradicting with the law without violating any ownership rights or breaching the law with his full commitment to consider the contents terms and avoiding the banned contents.

2-    The ( Factory) Seller abides to comply with this sales agreement without entering into any agreements or negotiations opposing it.

3-    The ( Factory) Seller undertakes to deal with original commodities and to ban imitated commodities while at the same time complying with all resultant penalties for violating any clause including the reclaiming of the product and to replace it and compensate the buyer while abiding by the terms and conditions of penalty.

4-    The Seller is not allowed to make planned contracts whatsoever on the basis that the concerned receiver is one of the users of the platform , in addition to that the factory is only the one who has the right to use the means and tools which we specify for communication with the users of the platform in relation to that transactions performed by the factory through these tools which comprises the use of such means for reasons of time fixing or communication or cancelling the execution of the products.

5-     The ( Factory) Seller undertakes to inform us directly any changes that may affect the validity of agreement.

6-    Without violating the conditions for any other service the factory undertakes to ship every product on your account or on the account of the customer by making an agreement with us before :

A-  The end of the specified period for shipping which will start on the late of submitting the purchase order by the customer or the date of making the shipping obtainable.

B-   The ( Factory ) Seller undertakes not to specify shipping information for the product or the product being those which are needed by Sinaha platform to be delivered within three days.

The Seller confirms and approves our right in receiving any loss on Sinaha platform or any loss paid by Sinaha platform in the following two Situations:

1-    Delay in delivering at the specific time.

2-    Cancellation of confirmed order for Sinaha platform Customer.

7-    The ( Factory ) Seller knows and approves under this agreement that it’s not obligatory while applying this agreement to undertake granting profits to Sinaha platform.


Collecting Sales Fees :

1-    The Sales fees should be paid in the currency selected by the

( Factory ) the Seller.

2-    The Fees for selling and paying will be fixed according to the date of selling.

3-    It is conditional upon the ( factory ) Seller to review the follow up of the changes in the fees and terms of selling and payment due to the possibility of change in the future according to variations that cover different payments needed like the value of membership which will be deducted from the account of the seller in the specified date and whenever the membership value is not available collecting will be made by using credit cards or any other means guaranteeing the right of the platform against the services rendered by the platform.

4-    The ( Factory) Seller guarantees all due fees on the commodity and goods like customs fees , sales taxation , collecting charges , banking fees and all the charges due on the commodity and this agreement is considered an approval of such polices and conditions.

5-    The (Factory) Seller should receive the due amounts for the sold goods by the buyer after the end of return period and to collect the amount from shipping company in case the factory specified the payment method at the time of receipt.

6-    The Sinaha platform has the right to change the percentage of sales commission or the contribution fees according to packages and according to the market taxes and laws enforce in the State after notifying the ( factory) Seller by e-mail the variations thereof and to update the list pertaining to the sales commission at Sinaha platform.

7-    The (Factory ) Seller should follow up the updating of terms and conditions of the seller continuously to know the latest up dating and variations , we shall let you know any updating through the

 e-mail registered with us.

Addressing through the post office is considered an official addressing from the platform to the seller and the seller have the right to review within 48 hours from the date of sending the private male which details the special updating of the sales commission or contribution charges according to the selected package seller according to the terms and conditions of Sinaha platform.

8-    Before being a member of any of the available packages by the ( factory) Seller , the seller should review the packages perfectly and select his needs after being a member is considered official and it is not allowed to change from a one package to another which is lesser than it except after the elapse of a time from the selection specified in the system and the fees are not refundable except through contacting Sinaha by e-mail asking for refunding together with submitting the necessary requirements the amount will be refunded after 30 days and in case of requesting the cancellation of membership the seller should notify the platform by asking cancellation within a period not less than 15 days.


399 – Dirhams Silver

Displaying unlimited products

Technical Support Through Tickets

Yearly Contract 12 Months


Golden Dhs : 799

Exhibiting Unlimited Products

Technical Support Through Tickets

Giving training to one employee to acquaint with electronic marketing ways on the platform

Two products to be shown in the first pages

Yearly Contract 12 Months


Diamond Dhs : 1299

Exhibiting Unlimited Products

Technical Support Through Tickets

Training 2 employees on ways of electronic marketing on the platiform

5 products to be shown on the first pages

+2 free months, a yearly contract 12 months


Authorized Methods of Payment :

Payment will be made by the buyer ( the customer ) in favor of Sinaha and after wards the money will be transferred from the account of Sinaha to the accounts of the Factories. Sinaha bears no responsibility towards any transactions outside the scope of Sinaha and the factory has no right to transfer and deliver orders except after receiving an approval from Sinaha platform as Sinaha never provides the payment Service at the time of delivering and all the amounts are paid in advance.

1-    Bank Transfer

The Factory bears the payments according to the banks receipts.

2-    Electronic payment

The Factory is responsible of paying fees at the rate of 3% of fees mentioned in the invoice to the company through electronic payment.

It is permissible for the factory not to accept this method of payment by submitting an official letter addressed to Sinaha platform stating that the Seller is not willing the payment through visa card and he should write on the product the following : Electronic Payment is not accepted.

Competency :

Sinaha is interested in the exhibiting of their products by the factories even if they produce the same product which allows them an acceptable competency and to exploit factories by displaying their products and selling the same with acceptable price and that doesn’t mean that the member factory has exclusive right but there also other similar factories in the platform.

Recovering the product :

1-    The ( Factory) Seller approves according to the articles of this terms and conditions to abide by the rule of recovering commodities and goods according to recovering policy provided Sinaha.ae and the applicable laws in state on the buyers within 3 days of delivering the goods while at the same time guaranteeing the rights of the consumer by the seller due to the validity of his tight in case the goods are returned in their original form.

2-    In case goods are returned the buyer ( the customer ) guarantees to return the goods to the seller through a shipping company when goods which have no complaints or violations are returned on condition that such goods should be intact and have not been used while at the same time refunding the due amount to the buyer while the seller bears the shipping costs in case goods are returned due to a defect or damage on them.

3-    The (factory) seller is bearing on his own account the percentage of commission of the platform in case goods are returned as well as shipping charges in case of discrepancy , defect or shortcoming is proved in the dispatched commodity.

4-    The ( Factory ) Seller confirms the safety of goods within 24 hours from the time the goods are returned after this time elapses the amount paid have to refunded.

5-    The (Factory ) Seller is committed to deal with the problems and complaints of the customers within 72 hours of purchasing the product.

Note : In case of approval of the conditions the ( factory) seller bears complete responsibility towards government legal and judicial bodies because of any product contradicting with terms and conditions and the Sinaha platform absolves its responsibility towards government legal and judicial , bodies in case there is a product not conforming with the rules and regulations issued by the concerned authorities.

General Clauses :

1-    The relationship between the parties :

This agreement is considered an agreement allowing ( the Factory ) the Seller to sell according to conditions while at the same time exploiting the cooperate personality of Sinaha platform and this partnership is coming into force due to the such relations or any other relations.

2-    It is not allowed to apply one of these conditions and terms without abiding by the remaining terms and conditions , the same thing applies on the whole agreement.

3-    Excluding one of the clauses if it is not agreeing with the law : considering this agreement as one integral part therefore it is not allowed to be detached in case of its validation and invalidation both one issue should not be excluded except if it contradicts with other clause or with law or because it is not possible to be applicable while the remaining clauses being valid completely.

4-    Other conditions of the agreement : according to this agreement the two parties have to conclude other agreements without entering agreements contrary to these conditions.

5-    It is not allowed to assign or relinquish to other parties for ( the factory ) the seller by transferring, the agreement to another party other than original seller partially or wholly without resorting to the platform and studying the possibility of making the same applicable.

6-    The clauses of this agreement are applicable on Sinaha platform completely and the impossibility of applying other clauses due to difficulties facing Sinaha platform to collect the due amounts without Sinaha abandoning her rights when it be coms able to apply such clauses in a later date.

The English and the Arabic version of this agreement are both valid and in case any version contradicts with the other the Arabic version should be applicable.

General Conditions :

1-    The role of Sinaha platform is to provide the site and the applications through the internet to enable both the seller and the buyer to make use of the services available in the sites without bearing responsibility due to the inability of the seller and buyer to communicate through the net or any other damages coming as a result of not communicating by other parties through the internet.   

The Sinaha platform offers buyers the necessary tools of the platform to enable them manage the selling processes by showing the commodities on the platform and to follow up the selling process and to communicate and collect payments and avail the services provided to customers on condition that the factory will comply that products and commodities are conforming with policies and conditions and not to violate the ownership rights and not to deal with banned materials.Terms and Conditions may be reviewed.

2-    To abide by the guidelines as soon as they are published ( the Factory ) the Seller should comply with the guidelines and recent procedures explained in the section of common questions , guidelines and procedures to are changed in future which necessitates to allow exhibiting commodities accordingly while at the same time applying such guidelines and procedures once they are published in the platform , so review common questions continually.

3-    The safe entering into the site : Real information should be used while logging in and to make an account for all the required dates like the name , the telephone No. , postal Box No. and the e-mail while dealing with all required true documents , the responsibility of disclosing the password to Sinaha platform rests upon the user and this necessitates the user to be careful to be change the password if there is a security or safety threat on the account and the password and this causes that the ( factory) seller should be responsible of all that concerns  the account even after changing the password.

4-    The limits of transactions of the ( factory). The Seller is responsible of fixing the prices of the commodities while at the same time accepting the percentage of the fixed commission according to the contribution package of Sinaha platform against selling the exhibited products through the platform according to conditions and policies of use with the commitment of the seller to sell the goods that have the same specification and price  given in the offer without deception or misleading.

5-    Sinaha platform is assigned to facilitate and finalize sale transactions : Including collecting money and settlement of transactions at the time of completing the sales and while returning goods and to collect money from buyers and to transfer amounts to to the seller after deducting the agreed upon commissions percentage according to the contribution of the selected package from the ( factory ) the seller according to the policies and conditions of this agreement including converting Sinaha platform for the total revenues as result of sellers transactions by way of agreed means weather collecting the amount after transferring it to the bank account of the seller or receiving cash or by any other authorized method of payment.

6-    The safety and originality of the product : The ( factory) seller undertakes to provide the exhibited original product and not to deal with imitated products and when never he ignores this issue a warning will be given to him of not dealing with the seller and to stop all transactions without compensation and the imitated goods should be cleared while using the payments made to compensate those who were damaged, applying the rule and penalties stipulated in such a case according to the terms and conditions of the agreement including legal actions and criminal punishments on such practices which caused damages.

7-    Delegation of Sinaha platform to dispose the goods after 30days of receiving the good from the shipping company :

After notifying the ( factory ) The Seller through e-mail to return the goods and none receipt of goods by the ( factory ) Seller or the buyer for any reason and the goods being delivered to the shipping company Sinaha platform has the right to dispose the goods in a way it deems suitable like selling or getting rid of the goods without bearing any responsibility by the platform , if the ( factory) Seller never receives the goods once again after the elapse of the mentioned period this is considered as an authorization to dispose the goods with the possibility of deducting the disposal charges of the good from the account of the Seller.

8-    Obliging to pay the taxes : The( Factory ) Seller is committed to pay the taxes to the authorized parties without the platform bearing responsibility of how far these taxes are genuine and complying with them.

9-    The rights of Sinaha platform : Reserves all rights that allows her the possibility of converting the content and the form , the parts , functions and ability to cancel or stop or activate any transaction including stopping , denying and finalizing any damages according to the policy of the site which might cause taking appropriate actions to ensure the rights of the platform and the rights of those who sustained damage, while the ( factory ) Seller bears responsibility of all the results that have arisen from the adapted decision to have a full responsibility and obligation against the customer.

10-                       Reserving the ownership and intellectual rights : Sinaha platform reserves all rights while obligating on the ( factory ) Seller to submit commercial signs and logos used and displayed by the seller in his commodities to guarantees the right the customers and ensure that ownership and intellectual properties are not breached without using the commercial proprietorship and the logos that concern such rights without obtaining written approval from Sinaha platform with the platform having a right to stop exploiting the rights of trade sign pertaining to Sinaha platform at any time it is also permissible for Sinaha platform to take all necessary actions that ensure the development of the content, texts and means without getting approval like the one which Sinaha platform received previously.

11-                       Terminating the agreement and making use of the service : In any time Sinaha platform has the right to hold the agreement and all the resultant privileges of the ( factory ) seller without any prior notice according to the benefit of Sinaha platform including prohibiting the use of the platform and making use of it in any form while at the same time taking actions ensuring to collect all her due amounts because of terminating the agreement like retaining amounts to collect the due amounts for Sinaha platform and to verify the none existence of due amounts and to finalize the dealing before lifting the retain.

12-                       The legal responsibility : This agreement should valid according to UAE Law in which all disputes pertaining to articles of this agreement are referred to.

13-                       To ensure the honesty in dealing : We Sinaha platform has the right to report at any time about any practices contradiciting with the law and to take necessary actions to protect the rights of Sinaha platform while using different ways to achieve this end including the right to use released and unreleased pits of information and data like making use of IP data and content and to track the account in a way that the account in a way that ensures the safety of the site and the safety of the state.

All parties should oblige to the secrecy of information and different pits of information cannot be used if that is      violating the clauses of this agreement.

14-                       The right of monitoring and tracking the activities : Sinaha.ae has the right to search any practices and to confirm any practice or any violation of the policies which may result in sending a warning or prohibiting of privileges or suspending or cancelling the service including Sinaha platform regarding  the elimination or amending any content breaching the safe usage.

15-                       The policy of solving disputes : Contrary to the articles stipulated in the conditions set forth in  this agreement Sinaha platform will take necessary actions to compensate any one damaged by to the users account.

16-                       Compensation Mechanism : (  The Factory ) Seller undertakes to pay necessary compensation in Case of any violation of any article and to compensate the damaged together with bearing all the costs of the damage and irresponsible practices by the ( factory ) Seller according to this agreement and even after Contracting comes to an end with retroactive effect and to be obliged to compensate all the damages.

17-                       The ( Factory ) Seller his officials , directors and employees are exempted from legal responsibilities and claim or any fees or otherwise of obligations without limitations like the attorney fees and approves compensation and protection in the following cases :

a-     The actual violation or suspicion of any condition or obligation at this platform.

b-    Any means used by the ( factory) for the purpose of exhibition or any of the companies affiliated by the factory excepting Sinaha platform.

c-     Any actual previous or deliberate breach to any intellectual rights.

Or any personal injury or death or damage sustained by the property pertaining to this agreement.

How to communicate with us regarding ( The terms and Conditions of the factory account )

If you have any question or interest on our ways of collecting and using your personal information, please contact customers service team on link << Support and help >> at the top of any page concerning the platform and its preferable to contact through the site through the tickets system or any available way you see suitable.