Sinaha is a Standard A platform for National Industries.

Sinaha Platform is an Emirati e-commerce and marketing platform specialized in supporting and promoting national industries and products, marketing their products, in addition to giving visibility to the national industry in global markets. Sinaha Platform is also concerned with opening new international markets for national products since we in Sinaha Platform are the first and largest platform in the Middle East to deal directly with manufacturers and major suppliers.

Sinaha Platform is interested in all local light, medium, and heavy industries. It also seeks to highlight national products, increase their demand, create a meaningful competitive spirit, and attain products its rightful place in markets.

Sinaha Platform serves as the largest wholesale and retail market for national products within and outside the UAE. It is the most suitable and expeditious way to deliver products, in cooperation with a large group of the best shipping companies that offer affordable prices for internal and external transport.


The idea of creating «Sinaha» platform emerged after conducting extensive studies of the market needs to reinforce connectivity between the industrial and commercial sectors.

Sinaha Platform and its applications provide an unprecedented shopping experience. It offers a convenient and safe experience, with the ability to pay online or by bank transfer and bank credits. It also provides the ability to return the product according to the policy agreed upon when purchasing it.

» Sinaha Platform's headquarter is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Sinaha Platform and Wholesale Market:

Sinaha is a platform for trade at a wholesale price. It is a (B2B) platform; i.e. the the manufacturer sells directly to dealers.



Target groups Clientele of Sinaha Platform)

Sinaha Platform aims to reach (individuals - traders - companies - manufacturers, wholesalers - and retail outlets inside and outside the country).

The platform includes a large group of manufacturers located in the UAE, as well as all national products that was manufactured, assembled, re-manufactured, or packaged within the country in a single pool, access all products with just one click, through an easy and a simple process.

Sinaha Platform's Policy

Sinaha endeavors to save the manufacturers' time, effort, and money, in addition to marketing their products.

Our vision

Our vision is pretty straightforward, which is to support Emirati factories by facilitating local and international marketing process and helping to open up new global markets for the Emirati product, to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to the national economy.

Our Objectives:

To give visibility to national industries in global markets.

To increase production lines and expand production quantity in small, medium, and large factories.

Developing Sinaha platform to become the largest market for exporting local products to the world.

Supporting small startup industrial projects by providing industrial development plans in additional to help to promote their products in the local and overseas market

Attracting foreign industrial investments to start a new business in the UAE

Providing industrial studies and reports on all types of industries that are not available currently in the UAE in order to present them to local and international investors to be available in UAE in the near future

To support UAE products by providing the best substantive, technical, and marketing mean for e-commerce.

Chairman's Message

"We are striving, in Sinaha Platform, to pursue the objectives and the soaring vision of our good government - may God bless it- in supporting the industrial sector, as we are working so hard to fully utilize the infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates in encouraging investors and providing advanced technology that would support our project. We are also keen to innovate all that is new through collaboration with all factories and bodies supporting national industries and establishing complementary relations between us to reduce the time for achieving our objectives together.

In Sinaha platform we rely on a competent team of experts working together to achieve the goals. Furthermore, we seek customer satisfaction since the clientele is the main factor in developing and upgrading efforts. That's why we fully take into account all our customers' suggestions and work so hard to turn these suggestions into reality and promptly."


Sinaha Platform as an Electronic outreach for online selling

Selling on Sinaha The platform gives you the advantage of being among the local producers only, ensuring parity in competition and helping to improve the quality.


Selling on Sinaha Store is available for:

(Manufacturers - Local brands whose products are manufactured in local factories - Craftsmen- Laboratories - Workshops - Farms)

Sinaha Platform Services

Sinaha Platform provides logistical support for local and international shipping through some privileged partners, regarding the requirements of both the seller and the buyer and grant the best prices and quality.

Sinaha Platforms accepts electronic payments and payments via quick bank transfers. It also cooperates with some manufacturers to provide payment services via bank credits for large quantities and contracts.

Innovation and Development

In Sinaha Platform, innovation and development are the pleasure of our work and reflect limitlessly care and passion for it:

We have great teamwork serves as one family. We also have a special department for studies, analysis, innovation, and development to help achieve our objectives.

We are working hard in Sinaha Platform to excel and keep pace with the advanced economic development.