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Clothes freshener (carton)

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Clothes freshener : 

Benefits of using Super Clean clothes freshener Using fabric softener (also known as fabric softener) has several advantages. It gives your clothes a fresh scent, and as its name indicates, makes them soft. There are also added benefits to using fabric softener, as it reduces tangles, helps fabrics dry quickly, and makes ironing easier. However, there are some ways that allow you to make the most of fabric softener, along with some important things that you should avoid. Here's a quick guide on how to get the most out of fabric softener.

Available sizes

 1 Liter

the carton contains 12 pcs of 1 Liter

 2 Liter 

the carton contains 6 pcs of 2 liter

20 Liter 

the carton contains 1 piece of 20 liter

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