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GEE FIX 30-36 water based protective coating for thermal insulation application and has excellent adhesion to major insulation materials and canvas. It is a white tough washable abrasion-resistant coating for application. GEE FIX 30-36 is flexible, fire resistive compound suitable for vapor sealing insulated ducts and pipes. It is also used as a lagging and lap adhesive for canvas and glass lagging cloth. GEE FIX 30-36 has excellent brushing characteristics which will result in better coverage and more uniformity in coating surfaces. GEE FIX 30-36 is suitable for interior ducting. GEE FIX 30-36 presents an aesthetically pleasing white finish and will not yellow or become discolored with aging. The surface can be washed, free of grease, oil, soot, and other dirt accumulation.

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