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Phenolic Pre-Insulated Panels and Ducts

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  • Pearl Industries LLC

Total solution for phenolic pre-insulated panels and duct works.

Introduction :

Pearl Industries came into existing in the year 2004. Over the years Pearl Industries LLC has gained an enviable reputation for providing excellently engineered products and services, delivered on time at competitive rates. With extensive internal and external technical sales support, Pearl Industries is able to provide high standard of customer service and can respond quickly and innovative system of pre-insulated air distribution ductwork. PI Phenolic Duct system of pre insulated ductwork is already approved by major Consultants and Contractors in the industry all over G.C.C. The Phenolic Duct system is the leader in the new generation of insulated pre-fabricated ductwork and has already proved itself in the highly competitive global market place.

Traditionally, PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Duct Panel is a panel of high strength, taking the Phenolic foam as the core material and with Aluminum on both the sides. It has a fine finish, has a long life material, light weight and easily transported, manipulated and constructed. It is a non-combustible material, which has no smoke and innocuous while catching fire.

The Phenolic Pre Insulated Panel can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular (bended) ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting and can be fabricated into the air ducts of all kinds of specifications and shapes by using the combustion resistant flange and adhesive.

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panel is used in the construction of ducting for air distribution in ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). It is widely used for the air conveyance systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe high-rise building.

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels can be installed either in the interior or on the exterior of a building, visible or with a false ceiling.

Product data : PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels shall comprise a 65-70 kg/m3 nominal density CFC/HCFC free rigid Phenolic insulation core with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), autohesively bonded on both sides to a 80 micron low vapour permeability aluminum foil facing.

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels are available in the below mentioned thickness to suit different performance specification:

20mm / 80/80 micron

30mm / 80/80 micron

3.9 Mtrs x 1.2 Mtrs

Available in 20mm/30mm thickness.

Facing on both sides 80 Microns Aluminium.


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