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Precured TVS

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  • 400.00AED

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أبوظبي , العين الحد الأدني للطب 30 إطار

رأس الخيمة التوصيل مجاني لي اي كمية

بقية المدن , الحد الادني للطلب 12 إطار

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Minimum order 30 tires

Ras al-Khaimah free delivery for any quantity

other cities, the minimum order is 12 tires

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Starting Price/As per customer specification
  • Re-product is accepted if on non-description, the buyer pays the shipping costs; or retains the product and agrees with the seller on the amount of money recovered View details
  • Speed Tyres Retreading LLC

Retreaded Tyres

Your cost effective solution for tyres. Tyres of all brands can be retreaded to save cost and help recycle tyres which is a green concept. Retreading gives you same life as of a new tyre with the 1/3rd the cost of a new tyre. It's safety is proven and accepted all over the world and being largely practised by all the giants in the Tyre industry.

Sizes Retreadable:


1. 7*50*16

2. 8*25*16

3. 10*20

4. 11*20

5. 12*20

6. 315*22.5

7. 12*24

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