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EEI Expanded Polystyrene

 is rigid and light - weighted. By controlling the density of expanding beads during the manufacturing process, EEI can custom produce insulation materials according to the specific requirements of customers applications. EEI production of Expanded Polystyrene boards and injection molded boards are in conformity with the British Standard specification BS 3837: 1977 for expanded Polystyrene boards, DIN and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Type N (Normal) 

It consists of 100% of closed cell polystyrene expandable beads.

Type A (Fire Retardant)

 It is similar to Type N, but meets additional requirements for the extent of burn when tested with the method given by virtue of BS 4735. This requirement is met by the incorporation of flame retardant additives and other appropriate modifications .

Thickness and Tolerances
Thickness can be cut as required, from 8 mm up to 1120 mm. On specified thickness, length, and width, tolerance will be + - 2 mm.

Cut boards 
The large molded blocks are hot wire cut on flat lines at any desired thickness, width, and length. In addition, EEI CAD / CAM capabilities provide its customers with an infinite variety of standard, customs, and redius products. Cut boards are boards cut from a block molded from expanded beads, which could be fine, very fine, or coarse grain. Used raw materials could be of general purpose (type N material) or fire retardant category (type A material).

Molded Boards

Molded boards are boards of injection molded from expanded beads, that has surface skin on all sides and molded edges.





Insulation of roofs, walls, and floors - Prefab houses

Sound insulation

Molded pipe insulation for air conditioning

 Insulation of hot and cold water lines

Expansion joints

Hourdis and void formers

Insulation of deep - freeze rooms, cold stores, cold display  cabinets

Pipe insulation
Wall insulation inserts
Buoys - buoyancy for  boats - floats for fishing
Gypsum panels
Fish and vegetables  boxes
Decorative shapes and display models

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