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GRP Panel Tank

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  • Poly Emirates Plastic Industries

GRP Panel Tank

The panel tank is a modular system, which then enables a tank of any desired size to be assembled and constructed. These tanks are generally offered as Insulated or Non-Insulated.

Tanks can be installed at the ground level, basements, roofs or inside buildings as well. Typical applications include residential / office buildings, hotels, hospitals private homes as well as other building complexes.

There are numerous advantages of using GRP Panel Tanks. Some of them are:

GRP Tanks are highly durable and can withstand heavy impact, weather, loads etc

Excellent UV resistance characteristics and performance

Option of Pre-insulated panels to avoid freezing

Smooth mirror surface of the panels prevent dirt adhesion and bacterial growth.

Poly Emirates (South Korean) GRP hot pressed moulded sectional panel water storage tanks, insulated (thickness 25 mm), tube level guage and 316 A4 grade s/s Accessories



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