Property rights

Industry platform is online marketplace and user and manufacturer applications (seller)


  It respects intellectual property rights, so it warns against dealing with counterfeit and unlicensed goods and goods that violate copyrights, so it warns the use of any infringing products and trademarks, as well as prohibits the sale and display of goods that violate the terms and conditions of privacy of use of the platform.

Take strict measures against all violations of copyright violations by following digital intellectual property laws and local laws.

What to do if you find a violation of your property rights ..?

We do not allow the infringement of property rights permanently. In the event that you suspect that someone infringes your property rights in any product or commodity offered on its industry platform, we take the necessary action immediately. You only need to send the following data to

1- A reference to the offer or product that infringes your property rights.

2- Send the link that infringes property rights.

3- Send the link confirming your ownership of such marks and rights.

4- Send your contact information, "Address, phone number and e-mail address".

5- Sending an acknowledgment that you are responsible for your claim regarding copyright infringement confirming that you own such rights

6- Send a good faith statement stating that this is for a product or seller who has not obtained a license to use property rights neither from its owner nor who is authorized to act on its behalf.

7- Please send proof that you are the owner of the property or the feared agent to act on behalf of the rights, whether by personal or electronic signature.


Seller rights

The added goods and products must be original, non-counterfeit and a safeguard of the rights of sellers and the rights of others. No property rights other than your rights should be violated and used because we do not allow your negative impact on the trust of our customers including recycled products taken from original products.

Stringent measures are being taken against the seller who infringes property rights starting with the cessation of activity, the removal of the product, the seizure of payments to compensate the offender, and the payment of a penalty in violation of the usage policy.

The images, description, and different data that you use on an industry platform are preserved in the platform catalog even after the product has been in effect, enabling the platform and the sellers to exercise the right to publicize and advertise in a non-exclusive way on the product.

Data on the products and goods that you display on an industry platform gives them the right to practice all publicity and advertising for its industry platform and all sellers without return. In case you notice others using your property rights without your consent, please follow the steps to report the violation of property rights and send a mail to