Refund policy

An industry platform is online marketplace and user and factory applications (seller)





In line with our policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction, all purchases through its industry platform are subject to return and exchange within 3 days of the date it reaches you. This also applies to damaged or defective purchases, as well as to purchases made to you in error.

We are an industry platform that appreciates your dear customer concerns that you find a product or commodity that is different from what you want ...!

Don't worry, we give you the benefit of returning the goods, we give you a great shopping experience.

An industry platform that guarantees the satisfaction of our valued customers. In the event that it is discovered that the goods did not meet the specifications that you wanted, you can return the goods for free.


Did you know that you do not bear any shipping charges on the returned goods if they do not match ... We take care of them ...!

Did you know that from the day you receive the product until 3 days, you have the right to fill out the return request? ...

Did you know that you have the right to recover all the money that you paid in the event that the goods are in violation of specifications or have damage ..!

 For your own good, we will refund the full price of the item to you, as well as refund the shipping costs that you incurred when buying if the goods did not match.


v    How to return the goods: -

The biggest concern of online shoppers is how to return the merchandise ...!

Easily return merchandise, goods and products and get your money back just call 0097125558989 or email us at "INFO@SINAHA.AE"

As soon as you call and receive the request to return the goods, we set a date for receiving the commodity from you or provide you with the required steps and return the full amount. All you have to do is save and package the item as it was until our representative checks the goods upon receipt or arrives at one of our branches through shipping companies to examine them and return the amount.

v     But is it possible not to accept the return of the goods ..?

Its industry platform provides you with a fair return policy that guarantees your rights and also guarantees the rights of our sellers and the rights of our platform. Therefore, the goods may not be returned to in the following cases:

1- When the request to return the commodity is late for 3 days after receiving the order.

2- When the commodity to be returned is not the same as it was sent to it (it is not acceptable to retrieve the used, damaged or damaged commodity)

3- When changing the serial number, removing basic stickers on the product, or lack of packaging and product accessories.

4- The goods are not allowed to be returned for specific products such as underwear, socks and parts of the clothes that are taken for free in some discounts.

v    What goods are not returnable ..?

All goods that can be consumed and used by one person are not suitable for return, as there are goods that cannot be returned, such as

Software and video games are not returnable

Hygiene and public health tools, we do not accept the return of health and beauty products (shaving devices, hair removal devices, oral and dental health care devices, etc.) They are also not replaceable or return the amount paid. From receiving the request.

1- Mobile devices, computers, games, software, music, and books are not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable, with the exception of a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receipt of the order.

2- Printers, fax machines, photocopiers (reproductions), accessories and accessories are not returnable, exchangeable or return the amount paid, with the exception that there is a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receiving the order.

3- Swimwear, lingerie, socks, lingerie, cosmetics, and perfumes, with the exception that there is a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receiving the order.

4- Mobile spare parts in the event that the customer service was not contacted within (3) days and providing us with the type of problem and how it happened, not to remove the stickers or to violate the terms of return.

Also, the express goods that are marked on it are not returnable within the specifications or conditions of purchase or in the value of the purchase cannot be returned.


v    Who will bear the shipping costs ..?

Upon returning the merchandise, the seller will bear the cost of shipping the returned merchandise while paying the freight value at the time of purchase if there is verification of a difference, damage or damage to the requested merchandise.

The buyer will bear the costs of shipping the goods in the event that the goods are sound and conform


v    How can I return damaged goods ... damaged etc ...?

If you are also wondering how to get your money back, it is the same way where you have to keep the commodity in the same condition that you received and packaging it again and from there send a return request or call the return service numbers 0097125558989 and deliver them to the shipping office with the same packaging and after examination and make sure the item does not match the required specifications or has damage and defects Your money will be paid including the cost of the shipment that you incurred at the time of purchase without incurring the cost of returning the goods.


v    What do I do when I receive a good other than the one I ordered ..?

This is a rare occurrence, and we sincerely apologize to you, but certainly you are entitled to submit a request to return the merchandise upon receipt of the merchandise with a refund of the value paid, including the shipping

cost, upon purchase.

v    What is the bill of lading ..?

A prepaid return policy is used to return the return for free. When requesting a return of the goods, we send you an email with a prepaid return policy to be able to complete the return process.


v    How can I stop the purchase request .. Is it possible to reverse the purchase decision ..?

If it has not been shipped, you just need to cancel the platform and contact us to cancel the purchase order.


v    Can the returned merchandise be replaced ...?

If there is an error, defect, or defect, and the previous conditions are fulfilled, the customer has the right to replace with a commodity from the same factory.

v    How can I return the internationally shipped goods ..?

We deal with branches of accredited companies to retrieve goods that have been shipped internationally and the goods can be delivered to the specified shipping company by calling ... etc.

Just send the goods to your nearest branch of the shipping companies that will handle the return of the goods.


v    What are the conditions for returning clothes and accessories and how to return ..?

During the specified period, which is 3 days, you can return clothes and accessories provided that they are in the same condition and in the same original packaging that was not used provided that you put them in their boxes without a lack of accessories provided that the commodity is not included in the goods that are not allowed to be returned either within the specifications or in the sales invoice.


v    Can I ship the returned goods to my industry platform with my knowledge ...?

Delivery of the goods is not permitted for those who are not authorized to receive the returned goods by its industry platform, as our shipping representative coordinates the date of receiving the return.


v    How do I return the returned goods with original packaging and what is the original packaging ..?

You must store and package the product as it was using the same packaging so that the packaging is not damaged or not well sealed.


v    How long does it take to return the goods ..?

Within three days to 5 days of requesting a return of the product, the shipping representative will contact you to receive the products and in the farthest limits it will take two weeks.


v    How do I contact a shipping representative to return the item ..?

We coordinate with a shipping representative to receive the item that is required to be returned from you so that the representative can contact and make an appointment to receive the goods from you.


v    Is it possible to return the goods after the permissible period has passed ..?

You can send a complaint to the customer service team to study the request in light of consumer protection laws.


v    How do I get the money when I return the goods ..?

You can retrieve the paid value and the value of the freight when buying in the event that it is subject to the conditions for the return of the goods stipulated, so if you have paid for the goods through a credit card or through any electronic payment method, the money will be returned to your account easily according to the bank dealing with him.

We also put the amount paid into your account on its industry platform if you have paid the amount in cash so that you can dispose of it as you like by purchasing goods on the platform or transferring it to your bank account as you like.



v    Does industry platform reserve the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons:

1- Refusal / non-acceptance of the payment process

2- The customer is more than (5) hours late from paying through a payment system.

3- If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or if the contact information is wrong or the inability to reach the customer.



v    How to contact us for inquiries

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact the customer service team on the "support and assistance" link at the top of any special webpage on the platform, preferably through the site there is a ticket system or any available method that it deems appropriate for you.