Sinaha Store

Who we are

We are Sinaha Store for national product marketing. It is an Emirati electronic trading platform specialized in national industries, supporting, promoting, and marketing their products inside and outside the country, and opening new international markets. It is the first and largest platform in the Middle East to deal with factories directly. The store is concerned with all national light, medium, and heavy industries; it helps in promoting and marketing them within the country to compete with the imported product and its export to all global markets. The thought of its establishment came after studying the market and the need to fill the gap between factories and beneficiaries (individuals - merchants - factories). The store mainly targets wholesale wholesalers and retail outlets, within and beyond the State. It saves them time, effort, and money. Besides, it includes most of the factories located in the Emirates and all the products that were made, packed, re-manufactured, or assembled inside the country under one umbrella by pressing one button in a simple and easy process. The store aims to offer, market, and support home-made products. It forms the largest wholesale and retail market for the domestic product in the UAE and abroad and provides the easiest and fastest way to deliver products in agreement with the largest number and best freight companies to make the transportation price acceptable internally and externally. Its policy also aims to save time, effort, and money for factories, market their products and open new global markets for them. The main headquarters is located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Sinaha Store and its applications add an unprecedented comfortable and secure shopping experience with the possibility of online payment, the ability to pay by bank transfer or bank credits, and the ability to return the product according to the policy approved during the purchase of the product and top suppliers.

Our Vision

Supporting Emirati factories by facilitating the local marketing process for their products and opening new global markets for them to raise the percentage of the industrial sector’s contribution to the national economy.


Increase Sales of National Products at Home and Abroad.

To become Sinaha Store for the largest market for manufactured products in the Middle East and North Africa.

Export to all countries of the world and contribute to the economies of the region

A word from the Chairman

We will work hard to reach the goals and take advantage of the technology available for our project and innovate in everything new, and in cooperation and integration between us and all the factories and bodies supporting the national industries. We will shorten the time to reach our goals. At Sinaha Store, we rely on our efficient work team and work in a spirit of cooperation and complement each other to take care of it. Our platform relies upon customer satisfaction since it is the basis of work, and the customer is the principal assistant in development and modernization, along with our hard work on all their proposals as soon as possible and translate them into reality.