Shipping and delivery information


An industry platform is the online marketplace of the site and applications of the manufacturer (seller) and buyer (customer).

Ø  Leave charging difficulties

Ø  Wind your mind, and let's deliver customer requests to you with outstanding service and affordable prices 

Ø  We think of an industry platform with the buyer's thinking to save time, effort and the best prices, and we think about the seller’s thinking about delivering his products to all parts of the world with quality production

How do customers ship orders from an industry platform?

One of the most important difficulties faced by sellers and buyers is how to deliver orders to customers that need time and effort and search for the best prices. Shipping is an additional burden on every electronic seller and every buyer, but we in our industry have provided several ways to facilitate the shipping operations of products and the best prices.

Among these methods:


Here, he bears the costs of factory shipping by setting that in advance and specifying the quantities available for free shipping as well as defining the geographical scope and appearing on the product page

* Electronic charging

 It is calculated via the store and is through local and international shipping companies. It automatically calculates the shipping price on the store's computer and shows the expected delivery period for the arrival of the shipment.

* Manual charging

We have provided in the industry platform large information on international and domestic shipping companies of high quality, credibility and best prices and shipping is done through these companies to provide the best prices, especially that our factory is manufactured by most of our B2B trade operations and shipping is done on the site but before it is ordering and after determining the required quantities of the required products and determining The access point is locally or internationally, so it is communicated through its industry platform with shipping and navigation companies to get the best prices, and the prices are sent to the customer, not to complete the purchase and choose the shipping company that suits him. This request process takes until the price and time for the goods to arrive from (5-24) hours according to The request time is in UAE time.

* Shipping is on buyer

Here, the buyer is left to free shipping in his own way, by completing the purchase process from the platform and choosing shipping to the buyer


Shipping advantages by following the industry platform

1- Speedy delivery of orders to clients.

2- Safety of customer requests.

3- To get rid of the final shipping burden.

4- (Inspection) Checking the quality of the product before shipping it "This is an optional process for the customer as we provided inspection service with simple fees that guarantee the quality of the charged product 100%." By sending my expert to inspect the goods before shipping.

5- Packaging goods and products of high quality to ensure their safety until they reach the customer’s hands.

6- Special packaging, and this is an optional service from the seller and buyer, where some products are available, so that the buyer’s logo is printed in the case of his desire to do so, for a small fee determined according to the product.

7- Achieve consumer and seller satisfaction.

We provide shipping services through our shipping and navigation partners at the best prices, more quality, and the buyer’s choice and satisfaction are the primary goal of providing the service at the best price.

Dinah has ambitious future plans to facilitate more and more shipping operations and make national products reach the world at very reasonable prices.