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SCOPE Denim Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil 9000 SAE 15W40 API CI4 SL 5 Litres

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  • 35.00AED

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  • SCOPE Denim 9000
  • Ultra Super Diesel Engine Oil – CJ4

SCOPE Denim 9050 Ultra Super Diesel Engine Oil the latest highest quality in Diesel Engine Oil meeting the API CJ4 Standards. It is designed for high speed, four stroke engines designed to meet exhaust emission standards, CJ4 oils are compounded for use in all applications with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 500 PPM. It is effective at sustaining emission control system durability and oil drain intervals.

Main benefits
Meets exhaust emission standards
Long oil drain intervals
Excellent control on particulate filter blocking engine wear, piston deposits.
Excellent low and high temperature stability
Excellent oxidation and foam control.
Excellent control on viscosity loss due to shear.

Scope Denim 9050 ultra super D.E oil can be used for all latest highly rated turbo charged 4 stroke diesel engines under all operating conditions when sulfur content up to 500 PPM.

SCOPE Denim 9050 Ultra super D.E Oil meets and exceeds API CJ4, API CI4 with CI4 Plus,
CH4, CG4 and CF4. ACEA – E7, E5. cummins CES 20078, 71, 76, 77. Mercedes Benz:228.3, MAN
3275 Volvo –VDS3, Scania – LDF, Mack Truck:EOM +, DAF=ACEA E3

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