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Mirr Shift ATF DEX VI

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Packaging Available:


1 Liter X 12

4 Liter X 4

5 Liter X 4

20 Liter X 1

200 Liter X 1

208 Liter X 1

Shift ATF

DEX VI Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid


Shift ATF DEX VI is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is formulated from synthetic base fluids and performance additives to provide a cleaner, more consistent, reliable and smooth operation of automatic transmission systems. It meets or exceeds leading manufacturer stringent requirements.


Features and Benefits

Multi-fleet compatibility

Vibration free, exceptionally smooth gear shifting

Outstanding oxidation stability resulting in cleaner automatic transmission systems

Extended fluid life with robust anti-wear protection for longer transmission component life

Excellent low temperature fluidity and circulation ensuring cold start performance

Exceptional shear stability ensuring viscosity retention even under severe heavy duty and high temperature operating conditions


Passenger car and light truck automatic transmissions

On-highway and off-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions

Power steering units

Mobile, industrial and marine hydraulic systems where this grade of fluid is specified



Ford: Mercon® V and Mercon®, BMW: LA2634, ETL-7045E, T71141, MAN: 339F Ty V-1, V-2, Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, MB Sheet: 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9, 236.10, ZF: TE-ML 02F, TE ML 03D, TE-ML 04D, TE-ML 14A/14B/14C, TE-ML 16L, General Motors: Dexron® VI, Dexron® IV, Dexron® III, Dexron® II, Dexron®, JASO: 1-A, 2A-02, Allison: C-4, Aisin: JWS 3309 (all  applications), Toyota: TIII, TIV.

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