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Mint Honey Spoon 10 pieces

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  • 50.00AED

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  • Al Malaky Foodstuff L.L.C

It is a special herbal honey to suit all tastes
It is refreshing and antifungal that relaxes the digestive system and relieves puffs
Honey spoon is a natural sweetener
A spoonful of honey a day will be healthy natural alternative for vitamin.
This innovative packaging for honey is the newest trend in the honey world.
Spilling and fiddling with honey is now a thing of the past.
You can still enjoy the sweetness of natural honey and
staying on your health track while on the go without losing your health care.
Honey spoon is easy to use and easy to carry.
Specially made to much in our busy world.

* This spoon contains a highest quality Sider honey, It has a very distinctive, delicious taste and full of nutrients

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