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Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

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  • 250,000.00AED

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  • Shell Special Vehicles LLC

The most prefered armored vehicle for the secured transport of VIPs. For over 60 years, the Land Cruiser has proven itself to be one of the most reliable 4WD SUV in the world. The Proven chassis of Toyota Land Cruiser is ideal for top-level armoring because it can easily support the additional weight of the armor without much affecting the stock performance attributes. This ideal combination results in low risk of body failure in the long run and stable performance on both On-Road & Off-Road. We do offer customized b7+ / b7 / b6+ / b6 armoring solutions for EXR / GXR / VXR models of Land Cruiser for both RHD and LHD, whether it's this year model or of previous years.

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