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Mirr DEO Monograde Diesel Engine Oil

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Packaging Available:


1 Liter X 12

4 Liter X 4

5 Liter X 4

20 Liter X 1

200 Liter X 1

208 Liter X 1

DEO is premium monograde diesel engine oil. It is formulated from virgin base oil with added performance additives and is designed for use in an array of old diesel engines where monograde is preferred. It contains additional TBN reserve with the severity of fuel in certain countries and deliver excellent protection against corrosion and soot.


Features and Benefits

Excellent thermal and oxidation stability

Superior control against sludge, varnish and other deposit build up

Cleaner engine for prolonged life of engine components

Excellent performance in hot, dusty and multi-altitude terrain driving / operating conditions.



Mixed fleets of older design diesel engines – turbocharged or naturally aspirated

Heavy duty on – highway high load trucks and buses, and off – highway mining, construction, generators and agricultural equipment

Stationary diesel engines that run in warmer ambient conditions


 API : CF / SF, MTU Type 2, Mercedes Benz 228.2, Allison C-4, MAN 270, Deutz.

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