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Nucleating Agent Masterbatch

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Nucleating agents are chemical substances which after incorporation in plastics form nuclei for the growth of crystals in the polymer melt. Nucleating agents promote the crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers. These additives function by presenting a heterogeneous surface to the polymer melt, making the crystallization process more thermodynamically favorable. As a result of this effect, the temperature at which the polymer begins to crystallize from the melt is increased, as are the rate of nucleation and overall rate of crystallization. Nucleating agents also promote the formation of smaller and more numerous spherulites.Polytec Masterbatch has always been a forerunner in innovating technology for better creative colors. We regularly innovate new products to meet the changing needs. We match the colors as per RAL and PANTONE shade cards.

Wide variety of masterbatches for woven sacks, blow & injection molding, roto molding, multi & mono layer blown film, sheet & profile extrusion, thermoforming, BOPP, HDPE pipes etc are available.

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