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Horizontal Tank

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Horizontal Tank

Poly Emirates Water storage tanks are made from high quality  Linear Polyethylene  which has superior mechanical properties, high stiffness excellent for temperature impact strength and excellent environ-mental stress crack resistance.

The formulation of Sanitized MB E-97-65 does not contain components which, with the present state of knowledge, lead to health hazard at intended or foreseeable application.

Plastic articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs are regulated in the European Union by Directive 90/128 / EEC and its amendments. We confirm the Sanitized. MB E 97-65 is in compliance with the directive 90/128 / EEC.

Poly Emirates Tanks are treated with ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION provided by the  SANITIZED® AG.SWITZERLAND  additives. This unique treatment promises to keep the tank cleaner and more hygienic in today's fast-paced life cycle.

The ANTI-BACTERIAL protection provided by the SANITIZED ADDITIVE has been in the laboratories of SANITIZED® AG.SWITZERLAND according to international standard. the test result supports us in documenting the quality and effectiveness of the MICROBIAL finish of poly Emirates Water Storage Systems.  

Poly Emirates Tanks are UV stabilized for outdoor use and will not breakdown under harsh outdoor weather condition and will not rust, chip or corrode. Inner black color layer prevents water borne algae grown. To ensure the highest quality all poly Emirates Tanks have been manufactured according to ASTM D 1998-93 Standards and meet or exceed customer expectations.

Poly Emirates Tanks are made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with 100% virgin resin meels specifications contained in FDA Regulation

Poly Emirates Tanks gives your tank protection against bacteria and fungal attack and prevents growth of slime formation in the inner layer. These tanks are totally choice when it comes to high temperature. Thess tanks reflect back the heal of the sun and relatively keep the water cool during those harsh summer months. tanks come whith facility of "Threaded Lids" can be screwed on the top to keep the dust out.


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