Sale policy


You can continue to display your products and goods on an industrial platform as long as you adhere to the terms of the factory (seller) provisions, privacy policy, property rights, and applicable return policy that aims to control the buying and selling process between the buyer and the seller and all parties either in case of violation of the conditions and the display of a product or goods from those stipulated In the cautious list, the selling account will be suspended directly, and we hope to adhere to the resource as it complements each other to take advantage of the huge marketing capabilities of its industry platform, especially since the policies, terms and conditions are all fully aimed at serving the customer, whether a customer or a factory and adherence to the law for that.

The following conditions must be adhered to:


  1- Opening a factory account (seller)

Opening an account with simple and easy procedures

* Attach all requirements and you have a license issued by the official authorities in effect and renewed upon completion to continue to maintain the account.

* The authorized signatory must sign the approval letter and upload it during the registration steps in the designated place.

* Subscribe to one of the packages suitable for your business

* That the account be for a factory located in the United Arab Emirates and specify its address and methods of communication

* To market and display only the products for it that are manufactured, produced, packed, or assembled in the same factory or factory, according to the activity of the approved license.

* Compliance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the laws and specifications of importing countries for the products of the factory

* Compliance with all terms, conditions and policies on the platform





2- Take into account property rights

For your sake, our honorable client, we maximize the commitment to the right to property so that no other person violates your property rights, thereby guaranteeing your right in a manner that guarantees observance of the rights of others, where we take strict measures regarding any violations of property rights issued by others in your right that you commit against others, The first action that we take as soon as we exercise policies contrary to the usage policy is to disable the account

And it comes to informing the owner of the property rights to preserve the rights of others.

3- Beware of fake products

Our policy is to remove the account and stop its activity if counterfeit and unreal products are discovered by sellers, because that reduces consumer confidence and there are a number of different forms of counterfeiting of the goods, all of which are subject to a suspension of activity according to such as the discovery of new goods taken from the exhibits of others or goods and counterfeit goods as well Goods and products that infringe the property rights of others, this is the policy to preserve property rights.

4- Commitment to consumers

Respecting the consumer in the first place for us, therefore, we are keen to take firm measures to guarantee the consumer's right, so we impose a penalty policy on sellers who return their obligations with consumers, which is with cases in which the order is canceled after approval of the purchase order "confirmation of purchase" as well as penalties for Purchase order delay.

5- Clarity of product information

The product must not be unclear, the brand must be present on it, and the basic information that reveals the product identity and any errors in the product information is misleading to the consumer, so care must be taken to put the correct information

A difference between product information and advertisement information would penalize the seller.

6- Product safety

For the customer to receive the commodity and the product he wishes to buy in the same condition stipulated in the advertisement as agreed upon, this is one of our top priorities, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the buyer delivers the goods in a proper condition.

7- Commitment not to post prohibited content

We set specific terms and conditions for content texts that must be adhered to when publishing the content of advertising texts and the content of product details in a way that ensures that the content does not violate the terms of the proper content. You are responsible for all the information, details and files attached to your advertisement so you must adhere to the terms of the content, and you can view the terms of the prohibited content From here "prohibited goods"

8- Full responsibility for infringing property rights

In the event of a problem or dispute between you and the user or any third party claiming that your advertisement infringes his property rights, you will be the only one responsible before him, bearing all the provisions and penalties that may result from these improper practices, including assuming legal responsibility and bearing the costs of resolving these Disputes from evaluation, review, investigation, etc.

9- Compliance with the penal conditions

In the event of any violation of the terms and policy of use towards the user or towards any third party infringing on his property rights, this will cost you to submit to a penalty clause with a financial fine, while stopping the progress of your financial payments to compensate the victim.

You can inquire about any questions related to the Privacy Policy and the use at any time from here "Privacy Policy"


How to contact us to inquire about the (Privacy Policy)

If you have questions or concerns about our collection and use of your personal information, please contact the customer service team at the "support and assistance" link at the top of any special webpage on the platform, preferably through the site there is a ticket system or a way available that it deems appropriate for you.